Node 20 underwater camera monitoring system, Bird Key, Sarasota1 Lake Eugenia Bass Monitoring Study2 Winter radio telemetry tracking in Lake Eugenia3 Monitoring fish overwintering habitat4 Water temperature profiling5 Nature-like fishway, Thornbury, Beaver River6 Node 10 camera installation March 1st7 Rainbow Trout8 Setting up downstream end of radio antenna for fishway efficiency study9 Local fisherman assisting with radio tracking study, thornbury, Beaver River10 Angling Rainbow Trout in the Beaver River11 Rainbow Trout captured in Beaver River for Radio Tracking Study12 Thornbury Dam, Beaver River13 Upstream radio antenna set-up14 Biotactic, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Volunteers for the Radio Tracking Study in Thornbury15 Radio tracking in ice covered Lake Eugenia16 Site assessment of Dillon's Rapids, Shebeshekong17 Flow measurments in Shebeshekong18 Channel Catfish, Lake Niapenco19 Collecting fish data, species, total length, and weight for tagged fish in Lake Niapenco20 Hoop net sampling21 Mark and recapture study in Lake Niapenco22 Smallmouth Bass captured in Lake Niapenco23 Smallmouth Bass, Lake Niapenco24 Spotfin Shiner, Lake Niapenco25 Largemouth Bass in Lake Niapenco26 Large Northern Pike captured in Lake Niapenco27 Left over debris and damage from Grand River flooding, Kitchener28 Flood damage, Grand River, Kitchener29 Demonstration of fish sampling techniques at Bioblitz30 Erling Holm (ROM) and Chris Bunt (Biotactic) on fish identification31 Bioblitz education and outreach32 20170411_11334233 20170411_13424834 20170411_14014335 20170426_14180136 20170504_19385737 20170607_15212438 20170616_13034339 20170616_13051040 20170620_13015741 20170621_15340242 20170621_18054143 20170622_12430944 20170622_16105245 20170624_10583146 20170626_14082747 20170705_12101348 20170705_13253349 20170705_13264550 20170705_16215651 20170706_09530252 20170706_09581053 20170706_10245554 20170706_10253155 20170706_10450956 20170706_10451757 20170706_12181358 20170706_18181759 20170705_10280460 20170705_11323561 20170705_11495762
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