Node 20 underwater camera monitoring system, Bird Key, Sarasota1 Lake Eugenia Bass Monitoring Study2 Winter radio telemetry tracking in Lake Eugenia3 Monitoring fish overwintering habitat4 Water temperature profiling5 Nature-like fishway, Thornbury, Beaver River6 Node 10 camera installation March 1st7 Rainbow Trout8 Setting up downstream end of radio antenna for fishway efficiency study9 Local fisherman assisting with radio tracking study, thornbury, Beaver River10 Angling Rainbow Trout in the Beaver River11 Rainbow Trout captured in Beaver River for Radio Tracking Study12 Thornbury Dam, Beaver River13 Upstream radio antenna set-up14 Biotactic, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Volunteers for the Radio Tracking Study in Thornbury15 Radio tracking in ice covered Lake Eugenia16 20170411_11334217 20170411_13424818 20170411_14014319 Site assessment of Dillon's Rapids, Shebeshekong20 Flow measurments in Shebeshekong21 20170504_19385722 20170607_15212423 20170426_14180124 Channel Catfish, Lake Niapenco25 Collecting fish data, species, total length, and weight for tagged fish in Lake Niapenco26 Large White Crappie from the Binbrook Reservoir 27 Tagged White Crappie for the Binbrook Reservoir population estimate study28 Hoop net sampling29 Mark and recapture study in Lake Niapenco30 Smallmouth Bass captured in Lake Niapenco31 Smallmouth Bass, Lake Niapenco32 Spotfin Shiner, Lake Niapenco33 Electroshocking Largemouth Bass for the Binbrook Reservoir study34 Northern Pike caught with a Trammel net in the Binbrook Reservoir35 Binbrook Reservoir White Crappie36 Tagging Largemouth Bass in the Binbrook Reservoir37 Largemouth Bass in Lake Niapenco38 Large Northern Pike captured in Lake Niapenco39 Re-installing BRAVO Node 1 in the Grand River, Kitchener.  2 Days before major flooding40 Left over debris and damage from Grand River flooding, Kitchener41 Flood damage, Grand River, Kitchener42 Major flooding event in the Grand River.  Saturday June 24, 201743 Demonstration of fish sampling techniques at Bioblitz44 Erling Holm (ROM) and Chris Bunt (Biotactic) on fish identification45 Bioblitz education and outreach46 Preparing to electrofish in the Makami River, Gogama Ontario47 Preparing to electrofish in Gogama, Ontario48 Canadian Shield on the Makami River, Gogama Ontario49 Juvenile Dace from Makami River, Gogama Ontario50 Electrofishing net incident in Gogama51 The Gogama project field research team52 Nice Walleye from Lake Minisinakwa, Gogama Ontario53 Nice Walleye from Lake Minisinakwa, Gogama Ontario54 Lake Minisinakwa Smallmouth Bass, Gogama Ontario55 Lake Minisinakwa Smallmouth Bass, Gogama Ontario56 Train derailment site, Makami River.  Gogama Ontario57 Crawdad feast from Lake  Minisinakwa58 Preparing to electrofish at the site of the oil spill, Makami River.  Gogama Ontario59 Train moving over Makami River spill site60 Electrofishing in Gogama61 Two-Year Post Relocation Monitoring for Freswater Mussels Search Effort62 Processing Data for Two- Year Post-Relocation Monitoring for Freshwater Mussels63 Rainbow Mussel, Teeswater River64 Plain Pocketbook, Teesewater River65 Snorkleing for the Two Year Post-Relocation Mussel Monitoring66 Twelve Mile Creek Electrofishing Survey67 Brook Trout, Twelve Mile Creek68 Juvenile Brown Trout, Twelve Mile Creek69 Twelve Mile Creek Restoration Baseline Electrofishing Sampling70 Twelve Mile Creek Brook Trout Stream Restoration 71
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