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BRAVO Node 1 Archive

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Archived Video Files of Fish Activity From NODE 1 - Grand River, Ontario, Canada.   

Fish activity has been filtered by our motion detection algorithms to highlight interesting details near the node. Use our rating system to tell us how much you like our videos.

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December 01 2012

This Common Merganser looks curiously at the video camera. December is the common time frame when these birds are often observed on our underwater systems

November 23 2012 

Species diversity in the Grand River

November 19 2012

Juvenile White Sucker swims past the camera and is likely moving to over wintering areas. Note the mottled appearance which occurs as a result of cooler temperatures

October 01 2012

Large Carp feeds close to camera then moves out of view

August 24 2012 

Redhorse and Centrarchid swim past the video camera

August 22 2012 

Huge Smallmouth Bass swims past the video camera with a few juveniles. Note the proportion of the eye to the size of the head in order to determine it's true size

August 4 2012

Many juvenile Smallmouth Bass move back and forth in front of the camera

July 13 2012

A school of Redhorse migrate upstream

June 30 2012

This summer the Grand River was full of a green algae called Cladophora, possibly due to excessive nutrients and high temperature. Note this Rock Bass swimming through it to feed

June 30 2012

Stonecat swims through a patch of Cladophora at night

April 9 2012 

Large school of Minnows move past the camera

April 8 2012

Large school of Silver Shiners, a species at risk in Ontario, swim past the underwater camera

April 5 2012

Large school of Common Shiners

April 4 2012 

Great video of a River Otter as it swims past the camera

April 4 2012

Close up of a Smallmouth Bass

April 2 2012 

Common Shiners swims past underwater video camera

April 2 2012

Close up shot of Crayfish on underwater video camera at night

April 2 2012 

Redhorse and Smallmouth Bass caught on video at night

April 2 2012 

Common Shiners swim past underwater video camera

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