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BRAVO Node 1 Archive
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Archived Video Files of Fish Activity From NODE 1 - Grand River, Ontario, Canada.   

   Biotactic Videography and Telemetry Lab  a summer evening on the Grand River near Doon, Kitchner Ontario  Biotactic crew installing the first prototype of the BRAVO node 1 camera

Fish activity has been filtered by our motion detection algorithms to highlight interesting details near the node.

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November 27 2007   Shiners and catfish swimming actively at night
November 20 2007  White sucker at night and day, swim by camera briefly
November 18 2007   Rock bass facing downstream, resting and bullhead briefly swims by at night
November 8 2007  Juvenile redhorse suckers at night, schooling behaviour
October 1 2007  Greenside darter searching behaviour and smallmouth bass holding position, sped up
September 30 2007  Smallmouth bass at night, facing downstream resting, crayfish briefly chases bass
September 29 2007   Greenside darter and smallmouth bass searching/foraging behaviour, mussel in view
September 27 2007   Juvenile smallmouth bass holding position, darter foraging and wavy-rayed lampmussel
September 24 2007 Great footage of a greenside darter foraging/searching behaviour
September 24 2007  Smallmouth bass and a bullhead facing downstream and resting at night
September 22 2007 Greenside darter exploratory behaviour, played at 1/4 of original speed
September 21 2007   Darter swims by briefly at night, slowed down to 1/4 realtime
September 20 2007    Stonecat foraging and smallmouth bass facing downstream resting
September 19 2007   Greenside darter, and a smallmouth bass foraging/searching
September 18 2007 Smallmouth bass and stonecat at night foraging/searching for food
September 17 2007  Part II - smallmouth bass sleeping downstream and appears to be resting, crayfish briefly, sped up 5x
September 17 2007  Part I - typical nighttime activity of a smallmouth bass, crayfish momentarily, sped up 5x
September 16 2007  Smallmouth bass searching/foraging and staking out territory
September 15 2007   Night and daytime smallmouth bass activity, bass holding position to rest or guard territory
September 11 2007  Smallmouth bass, stonecat and crayfish at night, all foraging/searching
September 9 2007   Smallmouth bass facing downstream resting at night disrupted by a foraging stonecat
September 7 2007   Great night footage of a stonecat foraging/searching
September 5 2007   Stonecat and crayfish foraging/searching at night
August 31 2007  Crayfish guarding/defending territory from a smallmouth bass at night, stonecat
August 30 2007  Venomous stonecat at night briefly, foraging/searching
August 29 2007    Several smallmouth bass, rock bass and crayfish daytime foraging activity
August 28 2007 Crayfish defending against smallmouth bass, quick appearance by a stonecat at night
August 27 2007  Smallmouth bass and crayfish competing for the space
August 26 2007 Bullhead catfish briefly at night, foraging behaviour
August 10 2007  Several smallmouth bass and rock bass interacting during the day
August 10 2007  Wavy-rayed lampmussel and smallmouth bass, mussel movement out of field of view downstream from Doon Sewage Treatment Plant
August 8 2007 Several rock bass during the night until larger smallmouth dominates
August 7 2007  Large smallmouth facing downstream resting at night, several smaller ones during the day
August 5 2007   White suckers and rock bass at night, smallmouth bass and crayfish during the day
August 4 2007  Rock bass, smallmouth bass and white suckers at night with crayfish
July 31 2007   Carp, rock bass and smallmouth at night, large smallmouth and other species diurnally
July 30 2007   Smallmouth interacting during the day, a very large smallmouth bass at night
July 23 2007  Suckers feeding at night, smallmouth bass and rock bass activity at night
July 21 2007 Inter and intra specific interaction between rock bass, smallmouth bass, and white suckers
July 20 2007  Carp and crayfish at night, rock bass and smallmouth bass  interacting day and night
July 19 2007  Suckers, rock bass and smallmouth bass day and night
July 18 2007   Suckers, smallmouth and rock bass interactions and foraging behaviour day and night
July 17 2007   Suckers, smallmouth bass and rock bass, nighttime and daytime action
July 11 2007 Suckers, smallmouth and rock bass interesting night interactions
July 10 2007   Great smallmouth bass and greater redhorse clips, carp and smallmouth at night
July 9 2007  More redhorse, smallmouth bass and rock bass action, good interaction between smallmouth bass
July 8 2007  More redhorse, smallmouth bass and rock bass, nice colour and footage
July 7 2007   Good shots of redhorse, smallmouth bass and rock bass during night and daylight; great quality
July 3 2007   Sucker and catfish feeding at night, rock bass and night, smallmouth bass in daylight
July 2 2007 Interaction between smallmouth bass and rock bass, including territorial behaviour
July 1 2007c   Crayfish defending against rock bass, great action
July 1 2007b  Rock bass interaction in the daylight, very interesting, possibly courtship/mating
July 1 2007a   Rock bass interaction at night, plus catfish chased by rock bass
June 24 2007 Rock bass and smallmouth bass, good daytime and night-time interaction footage
June 21 2007 Rock bass, foraging behaviour in the Grand River downstream from the Doon Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kitchener, Ontario
June 18 2007  Smallmouth bass foraging in the Grand River
June 14 2007   Daytime and night footage of rock bass and smallmouth bass foraging with a brief clip of a carp
June 12 2007 Smallmouth bass, rock bass and greater redhorse action video
June 11 2007  Night footage of smallmouth bass foraging and rock bass interactions
May 31 2007   Smallmouth, redhorse, and brown bullhead, activity including foraging/searching
May 29 2007 Crayfish and rock bass at night
May 28 2007 Greater redhorse, smallmouth bass and a rock bass feeding
May 27 2007 Bullhead at night, rock bass, smallmouth bass and greater redhorse during the day
May 26 2007 Smallmouth bass and greater redhorse, daytime activity
May 11 & 12 2007   Smallmouth bass, carp and brown bullhead, foraging
May 8 & 9 2007  Smallmouth bass at night, facing downstream, resting and sleeping behaviour
May 7 & 8 2007   Several smallmouth bass and greater redhorse sucker
April 24 & 25 2007 White and northern hog suckers and black crappie
April 22 & 23 2007 Greater redhorse migration
April 21 2007  Nice northern pike, greater redhorse and black redhorse and white suckers


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