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BRAVO Node 15 Archive
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Archived Video Files of Fish Activity from NODE 15 (automatic cleaning) -  Menominee Powerhouse and Fish Lift


Fish activity has been filtered by our fish detection algorithms to highlight interesting details near the node.

August 27th 2015

Walleye and Bass in the fish lift forebay


May 25th 2015

Carp, Redhorse, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Sturgeon at the Menominee Dam


May 8th 2015

Multiple species including Smallmouth Bass, Redhorse, Centrarchids, and Carp near the fish lift


May 3rd 2015

Lake Sturgeon and other species of fish responding to changes in flow and fish lift operations


May 2nd 2015

Lake Sturgeon, Smallmouth Bass, Carp and Rainbow Trout in the Menominee Dam fish lift forebay


May 2nd 2015

Numerous Lake Sturgeon using the Menominee Powerhouse and Fish Lift


May 1st 2015

Fish activity under varying lighting conditions throughout the day in the Menominee Dam forebay


May 1st 2015

Large Lake Sturgeon and Smallmouth Bass in the early afternoon at the Menominee Dam


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