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BRAVO Node 13
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Archived Video Files of Fish Activity From NODE 13 (automatic-cleaning) - Lake Eugenia, Ontario

       Fish activity has been filtered by our multi-level detection algorithms to count fish, with a focus on carp and bass

Node 13 Live Feed



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August 22nd 2014

Our system captured Carp and Smallmouth Bass in the littoral zone of Lake Eugenia.

Note: The self-cleaning mechanism wiping the lens


August 24th 2014

Schools of Common Carp in Lake Eugenia.


August 25th 2014

A double-crested Cormorant swims past the camera.


September 5th 2014

Two adult Smallmouth Bass swim among juvenile Yellow Perch and Largemouth Bass.


October 10th 2014

This is the first juvenile Largemouth Bass captured on camera in Lake Eugenia.


October 11th 2014

A big adult Largemouth Bass swims past the camera in the early evening.


October 17th 2014

An adult Largemouth Bass swims among a school of juvenile Yellow Perch, cyprinids, and a White Sucker.


October 20th 2014


October 20th 2014

The White Sucker is a bottom-feeder, meaning that it uses its lips to suck up sediments, vegetation and invertebrates. Check out this cool video of it feeding right in front of the camera!



Juvenile Yellow Perch, Smallmouth Bass, and cyprinids.


October 24th 2014

A Brown Bullhead inspects the camera at night.

Note: Look closely at the end of the video and you will see the self-cleaning mechanism wiping the lens!


October 28th 2014

Large Yellow Perch swim past the camera in the late afternoon.


November 1st 2014

Large schools of emaciated juvenile Yellow Perch move past the camera in the morning. These fish are likely moving to over-wintering areas. 


November 1st 2014

The monitoring system is equipped with infrared LED lights to detect Yellow Perch at night or under low light conditions.


November 3rd 2014

Hundreds of juvenile Yellow Perch migrate to over-wintering areas. These migrations occur throughout the day.

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